Carraig Donn Capsule Collection

Carraig Donn Capsule Collection

This beautiful collection of handcrafted headpieces are the result of an exciting collaboration between Ailish McElroy and Carraig Donn to celebrate the launch of their occasion wear collection for the Spring Summer Season.

After carefully studying each outfit, Ailish applied her expertise in the traditional heritage techniques of millinery to create exquisite and high quality headpieces to specifically compliment each outfit in the new occassion wear collection. From intricate beading and delicate silk to meticulous attention to detail, this range represents the best of Irish craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

Ailish strives to preserve traditional techniques while pushing the boundaries of creativity, incorporating modern design elements to create unique and contemporary handmade headpieces.

All of these headpieces are now available for hire nationwide.

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